Evangelization Mission

The world was created by God for sharing his joy with every creature. As the angels announced the birth of the Saviour, the humankind received the permanent assurance of perpetual joy; Jesus himself became the Good News of peace and joy to all humanity. Hence, today this proclamation should be carried out not only in an atmosphere of joy, but it must also be a reason for joy for all.

In our mission of evangelization, we are conscious of the reality of religious pluralism in the world and especially in our country and recognize the providential role the world religions have played and are still playing in the life of peoples. In our approach to these religions we keep in view the unity of all men in the divine plan of salvation and the convergence of all history in Christ who came to fulfill the expectations of all peoples and religions. Establishing fellowship with all men who sincerely seek God, we shall deepen our own faith-experience and co-operate with them in doing good to the people.

We also bear in mind that we as priests have special responsibility to minister to the holiness of the members of the Church. Hence, pastoral ministry has been a chief apostolate of our Congregation from its beginning. Since pastoral ministry is an important means for communicating Christ’s love for his people, we shall be the living testimony of the presence of Christ in us and should become a living radiation of that presence to others. A minister of Christ shall be a man of God, who has attained a high degree of union with Christ through prayer and who can easily enter into communion with his people. Through priestly ordination we also share in a special way in the ministry of Christ for the building up of the Church on earth, the pilgrim people of God. This priestly ministry always takes the first place among the fields of our apostolate.